BEST Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we most commonly receive! If you have a question that doesn't get answered here, please email Dulcinea at


It is our intent that each of the classes will be offered within a two (2) year cycle. If you find that isn't the case, please schedule an appointment with the Department Head, Dr. Dulcinea Lara, to discuss possible waivers. 
These minors should be available beginning in Fall 2023. Please reach out to the director of the program you're interested in for help in applying for the minor.
The Certificate is designed for graduate students, but please reach out to the instructor of the course you are interested in. They might be willing to make an exception.
Yes, the design of the certificate and unique multidisciplinary course offerings allows students to be enrolled in another graduate program. It can only be earned independently of another degree.
  • strong written and oral communication skills
  •  critical thinking and analysis
  • knowledge about human behavior and interactions with systems/institutions 
  • cultural competency, ability to work effectively with diverse populations, capacity to analyze impacts of law and public policy on underrepresented communities, excellent research skills, team-building and group-centered leadership skills.
Absolutely. The only class with a prerequisite is BEST 513, the capstone class. Any of the others can be taking individually.
The list is endless! The need for understanding the way society works is important in a number of fields: Teaching, Law Enforcement, Human Resources, Engineering, the Law, Community/Non-profit work, Politics, Advertising, Grant Writing, Public Administration, etc.