Chicana/o Studies (CCST)

Chicana and Chicano Studies at New Mexico State University is a program that focuses on the histories, social and political realities, and cultural expression of Chicana/os in New Mexico, the Southwest and Borderlands, and the U.S. more broadly. Chicana/o Studies is critically positioned within an Ethnic Studies framework and a Latina/o/x/e Studies context.


An interdisciplinary approach

The program is interdisciplinary by nature! Core courses will integrate:
  • the humanities (literature, film, music, visual art)
  • history (of multiple populations local, national and global)
  • social sciences (psychology and identity formation, global, national, and local policy making, demographics and social and economic issues and inequities, civil rights and social justice movements, economy, environment and sustainability)
  • education (law, policy, assimilation, language)
  • health and physical sciences (public health, disparities and predispositions, statistics, Western and traditional medicine).


Welcoming and Inclusive

The realms of theory and discourse will also be layered, featuring academic and popular discussions of sexuality and gender, spirituality and religion, culture and community. Chicana/o Studies is for everyone. At a minority- and Hispanic-serving institution situated in the border region on unceded Native land, appreciation for and critical understanding of the complex, rich presence, participation, and experience of Chicana/os is significant and valuable. Chicana/o Studies courses are a useful complement to any major and encourage all students to develop tools of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. The program is intentionally welcoming and inclusive.


Celebration of Chicana/o identity

There is no one way to be Chicana/o: Chicana/os embody borders, are intersectional by definition. Chicana/o Studies courses provide community and recognition and celebration of Chicana/o identity and experience for Chicana/o students as well as all within the diverse student body at NMSU.


Meet Dr. Garay, Director of Chicana/o Studies.

Introduction by Dr. Garay, head of the BEST Chicana/o studies program, including her teaching philosophy and goals of the program.


Questions? ¿Preguntas?

Please contact Dr. Garay to discuss classes and curriculum.