Palestine Studies

Palestine Studies ( Al Dirasat Al Filastiniyya (in Arabic) ) is a field of study that addresses Palestine’s history and heritage, Palestinian collective memory, and settler colonialism in Palestine and more. Palestine Studies courses draw from critical Ethnic Studies, settler-colonial studies, critical media literacy studies, and decolonial Arab feminisms as an intersectional set of knowledges, methodologies,practices.



Gaza: Threads of Identity Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage by Widad Kawar (

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The Department of Borderlands and Ethnic Studies (BEST) offers Palestine Studies courses that explore Palestinians’ history of resistance and struggle towards their right of return and justice in a settler colonial context. These courses support students in making connections between the historical struggles of Palestinians and ethnic and Indigenous groups in the United States. The following courses are offered for undergraduate and graduate students:
  • BEST 2750G: Introduction to Palestine Studies: History, Land, Resistance and Justice
  • BEST 3750V: Narratives and Representations of Palestinians: Media, Music, Film, and Art.
  • These courses count toward requirements for BEST’s other programs.
  • These courses introduce students to Palestine as a site of resistance and knowledge connected to other anti-racist and anti-colonial freedom movements in the world and the United States. They are aligned with BEST’s commitment to the indivisibility of justice.
  • The Palestine Studies courses explore an array of historical content from Palestinians’ lived experiences, oral histories, literature, and world media. They also explore examples of contemporary Palestinian music, film, and art.
  • These courses are designed for students in many programs across colleges at NMSU who are interested or curious about issues related to Palestine, colonialism, and social transformation generally.


Tabarya/Jaleel Threads of Identity Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage by Widad Kawar(


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